Monday, July 15, 2013

wacky (last) wednesday

Not exactly an original title.  Nor was my Wednesday particularly wacky; however, it's what came to mind when it was time to title this thing.  So, Wacky Wednesday it is.

The temps and humidity have definitely crept up.  This time last summer I had completely quit running because of the temps and humidity.  I just couldn't get acclimated and running was the polar opposite of fun so I just didn't go out and run.

Here is the normal for 8 o'clock AT NIGHT down here.


This is the coolest part of the day unless you start your day at 4 AM.  And, by doing that, you are really only getting temps 5-6 degrees cooler and you are actually going out in higher humidity (by nearly 10% some mornings!).

This summer, I didn't (and don't) want to do that.  I don't want to give up so easily.  So, I have been trying to find ways to make it more pleasant and actually something I look forward to doing.  One of the things I have been trying to figure out is running tops.  I am not a tank top person.  Even if I get over the scar I have from a surgical procedure had in 2006, I am bothered by not having a sleeve on the shoulder to shrug up and swipe sweat with.  (This makes sense to me.)  However, I have gone on the hunt for running tanks to help get me through the South Texas summer heat and humidity.  I have purchased and returned more tanks from Hibbett Sports and Academy than I care to admit; however, I have finally found one that I like.  In fact, I like it so much that I want to buy another but I am waiting.  I am waiting for to see if I won one from here.  Now, don't you all go over and enter and decrease my odds, now!  :)

After seeing Tiffany's post about the tank (it's UA Women's Fly-By Stretch Mesh Tank), I entered the giveaway and then began googling for more information about it (the tank).  Curiosity (and heat and humidity) got the best of me and I purchased one from Academy.  I wasn't sure how I was going to like the mesh part of the description.  Mesh always makes me feel 'exposed' and usually uncomfortable in public, if I am the one wearing it.

I tried it out on Wednesday night's run.  I feel in love!  It was cool, light and not too form fitted.  I was completely comfortable from beginning to end; I didn't even mind running into a few people I knew while I was out and about.  What I mean by this:  I felt covered, not like I was exposing too much of me, while wearing it.  It was fitted just right across my chest, flowy just right across my mommy middle and long enough to cover my tookus in my short tights.  See my not-so-great selfies below:

Let's leave the modeling to the professionals, shall we?  Here's a pic of the tank from Under Armor's website.  The color I am wearing was available at Academy; however, it is not an option on the UA website.  I am thinking I'd really like that cerulean color!
Now, if running in a tank instead of my usual AOG (my gym) short-sleeved shirt isn't wacky enough for you, there's more.  I changed up my route.  For real!  This was a bigger deal than showing a scar, wearing mesh and loosing my shoulder shrug sweat swiping ability!
My route almost always looks like this:
However, on Wednesday night, I was feeling a little adventurous and decided to change it up a bit.  Instead of my usually out and back down the main road through our neighborhood, I decided to roam around the neighborhood a bit, going up and down streets that don't venture over to often.  It's my neighborhood and all but when you only go down one or two streets daily, it feels like a whole 'nother world across the street!  My route on Wednesday ended up looking like this:

I found that I had to work harder thinking about when to head back home as my normal mile markers were not there.  I spent some time thinking about whether I should go up or down this street or wait to cross over at the next street, etc.  So, I didn't really worry about pace while I was out.  I just took in some new scenery and made sure I got to 3 miles before I found myself back in my driveway.  The run ended up being 3.12 miles ran in 33:16 minutes.  About par here lately and I was pleased with it knowing that I slowed here and there to think about 'what next?' as I approached stop signs and such.

Wacky Wednesday was wacky because I wore something I have never worn (a tank!  I never wear tanks.) as well as ran a new-to-me, loopy route.  I found that I missed shrugging my shoulders to wipe sweat only once or twice (not enough to keep from wearing the tank again!) and running a new route to be more fun than I would have thought (even though I did have to think more about where I was going so as not to cut the run too short or find myself too far out and walking longer than I wanted to back home).


  1. I have been debating that tank! I LOVE tanks!! You've made me want that one even more!!!

    1. I really do like the tank! Ran my normal route tonight in it ... so only half-wacky this Monday! Ha!

  2. Told you tanks are better than sleeves. I must try this one now! I am digging my new Walmart one though. :)

    1. I like this tank even more than the Wal-Mart ones we found! The mesh seriously breathes! And, you're still not exposed.