Friday, July 19, 2013

Two Miles & Tunes

Last night, I was short on time but didn't want to skip out on a run so I went out for two miles.  To keep it short but not too short and close to the house, I ended up zig-zagging down some neighborhood streets that I never run on. I'm not sure why as I found them to be breezy and shady streets with hardly any traffic.  I'm going to have to zig-zag these again!

Maybe this wacky run pattern should be my emblem?  Sort of like a Zorro and his slash/swoosh thing?

For the last year or so, my running playlist has remained unchanged.  I have about 25 songs that I just let play in a shuffle pattern and was pretty happy - sort of.  Songs were the typical "I'm sexy, boom, boom, pow' stuff.  None of the songs were anything that I would listen to outside of running; and, (frown face here) a few of them -  more than I really realized - were songs that I would die if I heard my kids listening to.  The last two weeks or so, I have not been so thrilled with the songs that would pop up and found myself hitting 'next' on the iPod more often than not.  Just because the beat was good for running didn't really mean that the lyric was good for my listening and they started to annoy me.  And, I began to realize that the songs majorly affected whether or not I was having fun on the run.  More and more, not so much.  So, I set off to get some new tunes.  (I also ran two times in a row - on accident - without my iPod.  That was actually really nice, too!  No iPod here or the run before on Monday night.)
I recalled a friend mentioning Family Force 5 as one of her top groups on her playlist so I googled (is that a real verb?) and searched them on iTunes and found their songs to be great for running.  With my runs being around the 3 mile mark, the 10 songs that I downloaded haven't made the cycle too many times and they still seem fresh and new to me.  And, quite entertaining!  With lyrics such as 'crank it like a chainsaw', 'attack, attack, you've been bitten by the boom' and 'wobble your legs, wobble your head', I cannot help but laugh out loud during some of my runs.  In fact, I made sure last night's run actually happened because I wanted to listen to these three songs without my daughters laughing at me.  ;)
Go check them out!  I am loving their stuff - new and old!  And, the videos make me laugh, too.
Do you have a superhero emblem?  What's on your iPod? 

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