Tuesday, July 16, 2013

out-fishing (with) Daddy

My oldest daughter is not afraid to sweat.  Or, work hard.  Or, get dirty.  While she loves her some time in a pedicure chair and going to girly girl events, she also loves to get outdoors with us.  Whether it is running with me or hunting and fishing with Daddy.  (The same can be said for my youngest daughter; however, she did opt out of this particular adventure.  She isn't a fan of 4 AM wake-up calls.)

Last Friday, my husband booked a special surprise for her.  He has had some luck catching red fish and speckled trout off of a kayak, wade fishing and the jetties; however, he wanted to get her some more keepers.  So, he took her out with his friend who just so happens to be a fishing guide.

She had a blast.  She said 'it was the best day ever'.  Not to take away from Daddy but she also said running up and over the Harbor Bridge with me was a pretty awesome day, too.  ;)
One of her first catches of the morning was a dogfish.  While not very pretty nor something you'd keep, she was excited to reel it in and get the morning started!
She happened to also make the biggest catch of the day.  A 21" speckled trout.  Dad reports that she kept saying 'It's heavy!' but worked to reel it in on her own anyway!
Patiently waiting for the next bite.
Back at the dock!  After 6+ hours out on the water, they managed to catch 14 keepers; the limit is 10 keepers each so they were just about maxed out.  Dad reports that M not only caught most of the keepers but caught the most fish, in general, that morning.
I'm so very thankful that my husband is who he is.  He's such a good daddy!  He's definitely a keeper!  ;)

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