Thursday, July 25, 2013

nifty, nifty!

A couple of nifty training calendar finds!  Both of these finds are based on Hal Higdon's various training schedules; the second one offers training schedules for both Hal Higdon and Jeff Galloway.

While I was organizing my thoughts and looking through training schedules for my first half marathon, I became somewhat overwhelmed with comparing run days, mileage, long runs, etc. against the different schedules.  In a Google search, I came across a great find!  It was  Woot!  I could select my race (5K, 10K, half marathon or marathon, the event date and my ability (novice, intermediate, advanced, etc.) and it would generate an ICS calendar that I could them import into my Outlook calendar or my Google calendar!  Awesome!  So, I created several different calendars for the same event and could easily compare them on my computer screen.  It allowed me to select the best one for me (I am better with 3 runs a week and long runs on Sundays) and I no longer had to handwrite in dates on the schedule, count backwards for the start date or carry around a piece of paper that I would lose!  Nor did I have to manually enter all of the training runs on my phone's calendar.  I was super excited!

Today, while sharing this find on an FB post asking for recommended training plans, I mistyped and put 'mytrainingcalendar' and what do you know?!  It popped up a similar website, only this one allows you to input your email and phone number and you can have it send you text or email alerts/reminders daily with what your supposed to run, etc.  I thought it was pretty nifty, too!

So, this afternoon, I plan to dig around a bit more and see if I prefer it over simply for the text alerts, etc.  I think both links are great finds and I hope that I was able to share something new with you!  Maybe you can utilize either one of these links to help calm some of the crazy involved with picking a training plan, creating a training plan or calendaring a training plan.

Let me know!  :)

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