Monday, July 8, 2013

July 2013 BridgeWalk

My pal Rebecca invited me to tagalong with her and her running buddy Becky to this month's BridgeWalk.  The event encourages the community to either run or walk the a route that includes the Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge every first Sunday of every month.  I found the route to be just under 3.40 miles; the mapped out route (clearly marked with their signs, thanks!) takes you up and over the Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge not once but twice.  You have to return back over it.  :)


Makayla, my oldest daughter, joined us that morning, too, and it was her first time to run over the Harbor Bridge.  She was excited.  And, I didn't think to take my phone for the use of the camera!  Doh!  However, I was happy to find a couple that was more than willing to snap our photo and text it to me.  So, here's the only photo I took of the event that day.  This was just as we go onto the Bridge and about 0.25 mile into our 3.40 miles logged that morning.

I have ran over the Bridge one other time during last year's Harbor Half Marathon Relay; I am scheduled to run the event again (I won an entry!) and think I should probably take part in August, September and October's BridgeWalks, too!
Just so that you have an idea of what we ran over not once but twice, here are some pics I pulled off of Google images.  :)  We really do live in a pretty place; I forget to take it all in!
What you can see from on top!
I'm definitely taking my camera next time!

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  1. So pretty!!! And you won an entry?! How awesome!!