Monday, July 8, 2013

early morning run: a first!

Well, it was early morning for me!  I haven't ran this early in the morning - ever.  I was up and out the door just after 6 AM on Saturday morning.  My husband wanted to go fishing and I wanted to get a run in before he left so that I could mark it off of the day's 'to do' list.  I knew that if I waited for him to come home and go around 10:30 AM or so that the 'real feel' temp would be 106* with humidity in the high 90s.

So, off I went (after the husband spent 45 minutes reminding me that I asked him to wake me at the crazy hour of 5 AM).  And, I was quite surprised by the activity on the road.  Not only were there other runners (this really didn't surprise me) but there were kiddos out.  One particular group was out playing driveway hoops!  They were well into a game and had chalk marks indicating the score was 10 to 8, single point shots instead of 2 point baskets since the driveway was short (I asked).  I was impressed that they were up and out and playing so early!

The run itself was rather uneventful except for the fact that I managed three miles with no walk breaks and feeling pretty strong at the end.  Remember - I am rebuilding.  :)  I was pretty excited about my splits, too.  As refused to look at my watch as I was running so I wasn't really sure if I was feeling so tired towards the end because (a) I was running much, much earlier than I normally run, (b) adding a little more distance to the run or (c) working harder towards the end (ie, running faster than I did at the beginning).  Turns out I had actually picked up the pace quite a bit with my third mile being ran more than a minute & half faster than my first mile.  It was encouraging!

A pic - because I don't think you're supposed to blog without pics.  It's of my Garmin.  Sorry.  I didn't think to capture a pic of the early morning hoops until I had already ran well past them!

Oh!  And, a pic of a kayak-caught fish.
This isn't from that morning but the day before.  Still counts, right?  That red fish was good eats!

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  1. Way to go!!!! I have a hard time getting out that early to exercise.