Thursday, July 25, 2013

busy, busy!

Since my last post, we have attended a family wedding and I have ran with my family twice.

On Saturday, MD's little brother (he's the youngest of 4) got married.  MD was his best man and I must say that I think he (MD) cleaned up quite nice!  Also, his speech to his little brother - who is 14 years younger than he is - made me tear up.  He did good!

The girls and I got to go get our hair done.  You cannot really tell in this picture but Rebekah went from long locks to a sweet swingin' bob!  Makayla only took 6" off of hers.  Yeah, only 6"!  That girl has some hair!

Us at the reception.  At this point, the ceremony was over, family pictures had been taken and we were waiting on the bride and groom to finish their pictures so that we could eat!  :)

Everyone had a blast!  Even MD got in on some line dancing action.  I don't think my girls sat down the entire evening.  They were constantly on the dance floor.

At one point, I lost Makayla and a few of the guys.  I got a little concerned with the fact that Makayla wasn't around so I went looking for her.  And, found trouble!  Ha!

The old school cans were my idea!  Although they didn't quite stream them up the way I instructed.  Oh, well.  They still made lots of noise as they bride and groom drove off!

Done!  From right to left, MD's nephew Chris (who is actually a year older than MD's little brother, the groom), MD's brother-in-law, Leroy, Makayla and MD.  They kept the truck 'clean' and went old school with "Just Married" across the back, a ball & chain drawn on one window and hearts and smiley faces drawn on another.  I bet you cannot guess which one Makayla was responsible for!  You got it.  The hearts and smiley faces.

Oh!  And, if the girls weren't on the dance floor, they were in the photo booth.  There was lots of photo booth fun!  Can you tell?!

My photo booth favorite from the night!

And, the bride and groom.

On Sunday, MD and the girls road their bikes while I jogged (I don't think my pace qualifies for a run just yet!  ha, ha!).  My little one kept calling back to me "Come on, Mom!" as if to tell me that I wasn't moving fast enough.  I finally told them to go on ahead of me and circle back for me as needed.  This gave me a chance to relax (I was tense trying to keep up) and them a chance to go up and down one major slope several times.  Win, win!

Sorry, no pics of Sunday!

On Tuesday, all four of us made it to the Fleet Feet group run.  My husband and oldest daughter did run/walk intervals while my youngest rode her bike with me.  We all ended up finishing about the same time since MD and Makayla decided to only loop the park (part of the Fleet Feet route goes around an elementary school and public park and then loops a couple of neighborhood streets) while Rebekah and I made the entire loop - including the neighborhood streets.  I am sure I just lost you.  It's hard to visualize; however, the entire route for Rebekah and me was just under 3.10 miles while MD and Makayla only got in about 2.25'ish miles.  Not bad for MD who has just starting making running a part of his week and Makayla who hasn't been running since July 7th.  She took a sabbatical from summer track.  We just couldn't get back into a groove after the first week of July was a rest week for them.  We had other summer camps come up along with family gatherings (a wedding!) and such.

Post run.  No pizza tonight so we were headed out to get our own.

Check out my next post!  I found a couple of nifty sites for training calendars!

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