Tuesday, July 9, 2013

ABC easy as 123

 My pal Tyly over at One Mile at a Time tagged me in this and I thought "Why not?!"  So, here are the ABCs of me!

A. Attached or Single:  Attached.  To my husband.
B. Best Friend:  My husband.  Most days.  I am also blessed with a few best gal pals!

The husband got up at 4 AM to run the first leg of our marathon relay.
And, he saved us from a rat snake at the softball fields.  Keeper!  

C. Cake or Pie:  Cake.  Yellow cake with chocolate frosting, to be exact.

Yes, please! (source)

D. Day of Choice:  Sunday!  Church, family & fun!  And, rest day for all four of us!
E. Essential Item:  iPhone.  I can call, text, FB, Google, check the weather, search for scriptures ...
F. Favorite color:  I am looking around and find myself surrounded by greys and black.  :/
G. Gummy bears or worms:  Bears!  I have an emergency stash in my car at all times.

H. Hometown:  Portland, Texas
I. Favorite Indulgence:  Toasted Almond Fudge ice cream.  It's the HEB brand and the best.

J. January or July:  January.  I live in South Texas.  Give me January!
K. Kids:  Two.  Both girls.  Both awesome.

L. Life isn’t complete without:  God.  My family.  My friends.
M. Marriage date:  June 1999

N. Number of brothers/sisters:  One sister.  One brother.  Both younger than me.
O. Oranges or Apples:  Apples.

P. Phobias:  Things over my nose/face/head.  I must be able to breathe.

Q. Quotes: Boo, devil! (followed by stomps of the feet)  That's right.  Just tell him to go away!

R. Reasons to smile:  God loves me.  Even when I kick and scream.

S. Season of choice:  Fall.  Although, in South Texas, we don't have this season.
T. Tag 5 People:  This Mama Can Run, Road Runner Girl, Olive 'n Wine, Fit & Free Emily and Coffee & Macarons (randomly pulled these from the SPA Link Love today!)

U. Unknown fact about me:  I cannot do a cartwheel.  I've never tried.
V. Vegetable:  Any veggie that is roasted.

W. Worst habit:  Biting my nails.  However, I haven't in over 3 months!

Creepy shot of my hand taken at work.  To show you my nails.
Another unknown fact:  they are painted an actual color for the first time ever.
It's pale cotton candy shellac.  And, way out of my box.

X. X-ray or Ultrasound:  Ultrasound.  Reminds me of seeing my babies for the first time.
Y. Your favorite food:  Mexican.
Z. Zodiac sign:  Sagittarius; however, I don't get into all that.

Pick one letter and answer it yourself in the comments below.

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