Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Here we go ... again!

I am starting over.  I did not keep up with my runs during the month of May nor have really tried to get any in this month.  I have registered for and ran two 5Ks this month and they were awful.  Awful because I hadn't been running and running two 5Ks without any other running is just plain goofy.  Especially when the temps jump up 20-25 degrees and the humidity doubles from April to June.  I was goofy.  Oh, well.  Lesson learned.  :)

So, yesterday I decided that I was going to start over.  Instead of trying to go out and run 3-4 miles (because I used to could!) and becoming discouraged by needing to run/walk instead of running the entire distance, I am going to go back to the beginning and do it right.  Start off with shorter distances and slower pace and build up from there.  Again.  I am not bummed by it, though.  I know that I let my running go and I cannot expect to jump back out there after 60 days of running inactivity (I have been to the gym doing my CrossFit thing) and run 3-4 miles without walking and at my old pace (I began to get under 10 minute miles which was speedy fast for me!).

Anyone else starting over?

*edited to add:  I ran 1 mile yesterday.  One mile.  In just over 11 minutes.  And, I was frustrated that by the halfway point I need to walk a bit.  While I was grumbling about it to myself, I remembered the title of Tyly's blog.  Yep.  Tyly, you encouraged me in the middle of a grumpy moment!  You guys should go check her out.  She is starting over, too, with some fitness things and she is super fun about it!

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