Saturday, December 8, 2012

Wild & Crazy

We're wild.  And crazy.  Ok, probably just crazy.  Or, at least, just a little bit 'off'.

For us, date nights are few and far between.  Mostly because we really just like having the girls with us whenever we are not at work and they are not in school.  But sometimes just because we're busy and don't think about it.

However, date nights are important and, thankfully, my good, good hubby made arrangements for us to have one yesterday.  On his own.  No prompting from me.

He called text'd upon Ashley and her husband, Jamin, for help with the girls and they were kind enough to oblige.  Ashley also was kind enough to point out that we had a run scheduled for Friday night and that I wasn't going to want to skip it.  She was right.  So, MD and Ashley coordinated a run and a dinner date for me.  I've got good people!  :)

After work, while my husband watched the combined four kids, Ashley and I set off to get our run done.  Then, we sent the combined four kids home with her for the evening.

The husband and I ended up roaming downtown with no real plan for date night.  (His planning stopped with 'get sitter' and I was okay with that).  The fact that we even left the house for date night already made it an adventure!  You see, on most date nights, you can find us sitting on the living room floor, eating pizza and cinnamon sticks, watching DVR'd episodes of who knows what and just chatting.  In the peace and quiet of our own home.  We'll send the kids away with a sitter with all intentions of going out; however, we seldom make it to the front door before the pizza guy is called and the hubby goes to grab a couple of Shiners for us.  Now, can you see how just leaving the house was an adventure? (big grin)

We ended up in line at the Executive Surf Club where live music, pint night and surf burgers are all the local rage.  But, just as we were about to order, we decided to check out and head over to Water Street where fresh fish and quiet conversation is all the rage. Why?  Because (1) it's loud enough at home on a daily basis and I was over the 'thumping' coming from the patio and (2) I've spent this week conversing with Ali about the detox and have kept on track.  I seriously wasn't in the mood for another grilled chicken salad (their only option in line with cleaning up my eats this week) and, to be honest, a surf burger (cheeseburger with refried beans, Frito's brand corn chips and salsa) wasn't what I wanted to 'splurge' on - if I was going to splurge.  So, we left.  And ended up at Water Street.  Eating mesquite grilled Mahi Mahi.  It was awesome.  Glad we decided to move dinner locations!

Surf burger (source) vs. Mahi Mahi (source).  Mahi Mahi for the win.

After that, we found ourselves back at home and watching a Duck Dynasty marathon.  We've never watched the show before.  (I know.  We must live in a whole.)  A few minutes into the first (for us) episode, MD was laughing.  In short bursts and hard.  I can honestly say I have never heard MD laugh so hard watching TV!  That alone was funny to me.  The show?  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't entertained.  However, I'm not sure if we're going to become the obsessive type and 'quack' every Wednesday but I can see us watching a few episodes off of the DVR.

What about you?  Are you wild or crazy with your date nights?
Or, do you prefer vegging out at home?

Do you 'quack, quack' in your status updates on Wednesdays?

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