Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sugar, sugar!

To borrow words from The Archies:  Sugar, ahh ... you got me wanting you.
Until I remembered the pic Ali text me yesterday.  In a text exchange, I disclosed that I had a 2-3 coke-a-day habit that I was trying to kick and kick for good during this week's detox.  I didn't hear back from her for a bit and didn't think much of it.  Until later in the afternoon, I got a pic.  Of sugar.  She had figured out just how much sugar I was consuming from my sodas alone and sent me a visual of it.  I was somewhat shocked!
I had temporarily kicked my soda habit during the WLC; however, towards the end, as I was forgetting to log points in anyway, I began to slack on the water and pick up the soda again.  And, I didn't feel too bad about it for a few reasons: (1) it was 2-3 cans as opposed to the 5 or so that I used to drink daily (gasp!), (2) I never thought about the sugar in the soda and (3) I didn't really realize just how many cans had crept back into my days.  I know, that's dumb.  But, I didn't.  I wasn't logging my eats/drinks anymore and, when I did think about my food, I never thought about the sugar in my sodas.  I thought about sugar in the cookies, cakes and candies and began to avoid most of those but I never really thought about the sugar in my sodas.
So, this morning after I thought I wanted a soda and then recalled Ali's pic (and, the fact that I want this weekend's 4 mile run to not suck), I made myself a visual reminder.  Pretty sure that this will remind me that I really don't want a soda!  The soda cans are from my office fridge; the Pyrex cup of sugar is what Ali sent me yesterday.  The two combined - well, that's my first photo collage!

Can you believe it?!  I was consuming nearly 1 cup of sugar a day without any thought!  Yikes!  Am I alone?  Am I the only one mindlessly consuming sugars and calories

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  1. You are definitely not alone. I was just discussing the horror of sodas with a coworker. I consider myself lucky to have kicked the soda habit in my early twenties (Not because I’m smart. I just switched to beer). But as I am currently working to get myself back in shape, and the more I read and learn about nutrition and the effects of different foods on our bodies, the more I’m glad they’re not a temptation at all. And on a side note, they also produce a lot of trash. Kudos on kicking those empty calories out of your life. Nice blog.