Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Monday Mourning

Here are my thoughts from Monday morning after dropping my girls off at school. I didn't do so with fear but with great sadness, sadness for those who were not able to do the same thing.

Since I have not been able to articulate my own thoughts/feelings very well (they are ALL OVER the PLACE), I wanted to share this clip ( as I found myself nodding in agreement as he spoke. I am a Believer, my husband is a Believer, my girls are Believers; I know they go to school every day with Him, knowing that He lives in their hearts and I have bound them in His Word and Promises to the best of my ability (speaking confessions over them; praying with them). We pray for our day, our teachers and our friends. We lift up troubles we know about and thank Him for handling those that which we don't; we thank Him for favor and prosperity in all areas of our lives. We thank Him for going before us and staying with us; we praise Him for allowing us the opportunity to speak to Him and thank Him for hearing us. We expect to have a Jesus day.

However, I know that bad things can happen to good people, believing people. I know that His will doesn't always match up with ours. I also know that He can use 'bad' things to wake us up, call us back. God does not create these 'bad' situations; however, He can use them for good, His purpose. We are far from beyond needing Him; He is there for us to invite back in.

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