Monday, December 3, 2012

Jingle Bell 5K Run/Walk & Kids' Santa 1K

We laced up our sneakers and donned our jingle bells and green sparkle skirts for the first annual Jingle Bell 5K Run-Walk & Kids' Santa 1K.  The event supported a local charity called Bikes for Kids.
Of the 300 participants, 70 were kids!  We are happy to say that our crew made up more than 25% of the kids running!  We had 8 kiddos and 6 adults running that morning.  We also had our own cheering section of about 5 waiting for us at the finish line.

Our kiddos waiting to start.  My youngest (in the pink sparkle skirt and dark top) is not looking so happy here; however, she was just not wanting me to take yet another picture.  She actually really likes to run.  :)
My daughter, Makayla (turquoise skirt), coming into the finish.  She was pushing pretty hard the whole 1K and has since decided to take on the 5K on NYE!
My daughter Rebekah and our buddy Brandon (in the orange right behind her head) are not too far behind Makayla.  See?  She's happy to be out there (and, oblivious that I was taking her picture, thank goodness!).  Brandon has also decided to take on the 5K this NYE.  So excited for him!

Our pals Kate (lime green skirt) and Breanna (pink skirt) finishing up.  Somewhere between Rebekah and Brandon's finish and this shot, I missed Kate's twin sister Ella and our other kiddo, Peyton, coming in.  Slightly bummed.

Santa not only met the kids at the finish of the 1K, he also made himself available to hear Christmas wishes and take photos with the kiddos.  This pic is of my two daughters and our twin friends, Kate and Ella.
My best group of friends; really thankful that we are doing this running thing together! PS - We're missing Ashley. She was in San Antonio doing a mud run with her twin sister. Bummed she wasn't with us but excited that she was getting to do that run, too!
Lena is a pal from our kiddos' school; she joined us for this run and we are glad she did!
Shannon is currently training for her first marathon. 
She is also currently the speediest out of our core group.  And, she makes sure that we are aware.  ;)
Bridget ran her first 5K just a few weeks ago.  She PR'd this one!
And, she is working on training for a half marathon.
This was Susan's first 5K run!  She just started running (from NOT!) about a month ago.
I ran this better than I should have but not as well as I had secretly hoped for.  I went into it with no real pace in mind, just to finish the run as it was part of my half marathon training schedule.  It's also the first event that I have ran alone; usually Ashley and I run the events together, pace for pace; however, she was gone that morning and it was just me and my earbuds.  I am not sure if that was good or bad - it was just different than any other event.  I found myself paying more attention to the course and other runners.  Which, at times, was good and, at times, bad.
Which leads me to the recap!
This, so far, is my favorite local race.  The course was set up to take us through a few downtown streets, onto Shoreline Blvd. (water!) and to/through our Water Gardens before heading back down Shoreline Blvd. and to the finish.  Most local runs, held in our downtown area, either just loop you through the one way streets or keep you on Shoreline Blvd.  I don't know of any that have taken you through the Water Gardens and I loved this!
As far as an actual race recap, I found the course to be a good idea and the water along the course to be adequate.  They had one water station that acted as two since you looped back by it.  My only complaint here was the congestion near same; however, I suppose if you had hydrated properly pre-race this wouldn't be an issue as you would just cruise by it.  I had not hydrated properly and needed water as I passed it the second time.  I had to stop and wait for people to clear out of the area as they only had one small table and one person handing out water on this side.  I believe the water stop was right at the 1 mile mark (the first time you pass it) and at the 2'ish mile mark.  I didn't think to check my Garmin as I went through to see where I was at.  At this point, I had been just behind Bridget and wanted to stay with her; however, she wasn't in need of the stop and the stop took a bit longer than I would have liked.  She ended up coming in about 40 seconds before me.  Don't think I wasn't pushing at the end to catch her!
Photos of our course.  These were taken from the Internet as I did take any along the way.
The start and finish of the race was at House of Rock.  Inside served as the after party!  The first ever after party of any local race (aside from Beach to Bay) that I am aware of.  They had Santa, eats and drinks (cocoa for the kids!) and their sponsors had booths set up.  It was really, really nice!
This is a pic of our start/finish area; much of the downtown part of the run had this view.
We left the downtown streets for Shoreline Blvd.  The part of the out/back made up about 2 miles of the course.  The views were without cars and nice!  However, this is a typical route for local races so nothing that we haven't seen before; And, do you see that really tall beige building in the pic above?  That's where I work; just up on the hill above downtown Corpus Christi.  So, I get to see these shots quite a bit.  Which is why I didn't think to take pictures.

Here's where I got a little excited.  I hadn't looked at the course map before the run; I had no idea that we were going to go up to and through the Water Gardens.  It was nice and shady here; a breezy.  (The race got started a bit later than planned; it was starting to warm up and humidity is always an issue here).  See that bridge in the pics below?  That's the Harbor Bridge.  I drive across it everyday.

That's it for the run.  I hope that there is a second annual one; I think they did an excellent job in putting this one together.  I meant it when I said that it is, so far, my favorite local race! 
I am still sticking with my half marathon training and have yet to miss a scheduled run or visit to the gym.  This week I have runs scheduled as follows:  Tuesday, 3 miles, Thursday, 2.5 miles and Saturday, 4 miles.  I am slightly nervous about the four miles and I am working this week on detoxing sugar and Coca Cola.  And, focused on water intake (I don't drink nearly enough!).  I hope this week's changes in my eating/drinking habits make Saturday's run easier than I currently fear it being!

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