Thursday, December 6, 2012


Excited.  Nervous.  Excited.  Eeek!
... AND ...
What have you recently registered for?
Yesterday's WOD:
[5 Rounds]
15 lunges w/bar front racked (45 lbs)
15 box jumps (16")
I completed this WOD in 11:01.  I felt good; I thought about increasing the weight to 65 lbs (the prescribed weight for women was 75 lbs); however, I knew that I was going to run 3 miles with Ashley about an hour after my workout, so I kept it at 45 lbs.  :)
Following my WOD, I did 3 miles with Ashley.  It was our first run together in over a week!  Glad we went out!


  1. Yay for the registration :) I am contemplating registering for a tri but have yet to take the leap!

    1. I am excited. These two runs will be the first that I properly train for. I consider 2011/2012 to be my floundering year and 2013 to be the beginning of the beginning of doing things 'right'. If that even makes sense. :)