Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Once upon a time, not too long ago, my youngest, Rebekah, was fascinated by what her bones might look like.  During this time, she had a friend fall from the monkey bars at school and break her arm.  Rebekah became slightly envious of this friend because the friend was able to see her bones because of the x-ray that was done following the fall and break. This fascinated R and she began asking about getting an x-ray done so that she, too, could see her bones. We explained to her that x-rays without reason (ie, a bone break) weren't really an option and we moved on with life and other crazy conversations.

Or, so we thought.  Apparently, R then began climbing the monkey bars and purposefully falling in hopes to break her arm, get an x-ray and see her bones.  (I love that big sister brought this to our attention WEEKS into it!  Agh!)

After learning of this, Rebekah was made aware of three very important things.  One, the fall would hurt more than it would be fun.  Two, being in a cast would cause her to miss out on tons of other fun.  Three, she would not be allowed to see the x-ray much less her bones as punishment for doing it on purpose.

One and two didn't really bother her.  She was most annoyed by three and has since moved on to other adventures and crazy conversations.

Here is my R.  She created a breakfast snack of bananas and Cool Whip.  Without help or my knowledge until after the fact.  Early on Saturday morning.  For our good friend Ashley.  Who was not actually at our house.  She wanted to deliver it.  Randomness is never far with R around!

PS - she loves a good, cheesy grin.  :)

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