Monday, December 10, 2012

A Week of Detox!

It is done.  One full week of detox.  And, I seriously don't think I would have stuck it out had Ali not text just at the right times checking in on me.  (Her personal recap can be found here.)

My recap (is without pictures because I am still getting used to photographing everything that happens just in case I want to blog about it):

I've had whole food green smoothies for breakfast every morning; even Makayla got in on the action and made a smoothie a few times for her breakfast as well as a few for early evening snacks.

I did lots of activity.  I only had one day that a WOD and/or run did not take place.  For six out of seven days, I either had a WOD, a run or both scheduled.  If not, I purposefully played with my kids as in

I skipped soda.  Completely skipped it.  I haven't had a soda of any kind since last Sunday; I've only had water.  And, I hope to keep this no soda thing in place.  And, the more water thing ...

I drank water.  And, lots of it.  I didn't realize just how little water I was drinking until I began keeping track this week.  I went from 2 bottles of water (roughly 32 ounces) a day to about 5 bottles of water; I also switched from drinking bottles of water to refilling my Tervis tumbler towards the end of the week.  The water bottles were piling up!

I consumed no alcohol.  This really wasn't a problem for me as I rarely consume it anyway.

We made dinner more and ate in every night of the work week; we only ate out twice over the weekend.  We prepared healthy whole foods, took leftovers to work for lunch and added more salads to our meals.  There was no outside sugar or white foods (ie, rice, potatoes, etc.) in our diet this week.  EXCEPTION:  last night was tree decorating night.  We bought my girls $5 pizzas (their request) to eat while we decorated the tree and listened to Christmas music, etc.  I didn't prepare anything for myself before my 4 mile run thinking I'd figure it out when I came back in.  Bad idea.  I ended up eating two slices of the pizza.  It was actually pretty yuck.  And, I paid for it later as I didn't feel well about 30 minutes after scarfing it.

My results?  Well, I weighed last Monday morning and measured around my belly; this morning I did the same, in the same PJs.  What did I find?  I am down 2.8lbs and 0.5 inches.  Was I expecting to lose weight/inches?  I'd be lying if I said no; however, this is not why I took on Ali's challenge.  I took on the challenge for a few different reasons.  One, I had to get off the sodas; I had done it before but let them slip back into my day.  Two, I wasn't feeling good.  To put it very simply, I felt gross.  None of my eats tasted good anymore, my clothes weren't fitting right and I just felt bad.  And, three, I wanted to.  Just as simple as that.  She issued a challenge and I wanted to take her up on it.  For no reason except to do it and see that I could.  I floundered around the Whole Life Challenge and felt like I had no ability to stick to something.  So, for me, I needed the mental challenge of taking less than good for me things out of my diet on purpose and doing so on purpose for the week.  It's sort of hard to explain why I needed this but I did.  So, maybe you can help me out ...

Have you needed the mental challenge of completing a 'healthy changes' type challenge?  If so, what words would you use to describe your reasons?

Did you participate in The Healthy Hostess's December Detox Week Challenge?  If so, what were your results (not just in numbers, how do you feel)?  If not, have you recently participated in some other healthy changes challenge?

No WOD yesterday; just a 4 mile run with Ashley.  And, I am pretty dang proud of that run.  It was the longest run I have had - without stopping, walking or sitting on the curb to cry - EVER in the history of me doing this run thing.  Woot!  And, it brought the end of week 5 of my Cowtown Half Marathon training to an end.  Fake race day has turned in real race day and I am pretty excited about that, too.  I have stuck to the training plan and scheduled WODs and I feel pretty darn good about that, too.

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