Friday, November 30, 2012

Awesometastic Headbands!

Seriously!  These things are awesome!
And, their people are pretty awesome, too!
The contact that I have had with them has been quick and courteous.
They have gone above and beyond in the 'helpful' category.
Like most people, I was struggling with fly aways and headbands that claimed to stay in place but, in all actuality, did not.  I had spent a small fortune on various headband purchases and was about to give up all hope when I stumbled across Sparkly Soul headbands via a blog post earlier this year (possibly even very late last year).  Dang it!, I wish I knew which one so I could link back up to it. It may come back to me as I work through this post. If so, I will edit it in!
I used a blogger coupon code and ordered three bands; when they arrived I eagerly plopped the black one on my head and headed off to my CrossFit box.  Not only did I receive compliments from my fellow lady boxmates but the headband STAYED in PLACE the ENTIRE WOD!  For real!  I was instantly in love.
The Sparkly Soul headbands rock my world because they have the velvet, non-slip lining around the entire band.  There is no elastic piece on these headbands!  I love this!  And, they fit comfortably (no pinching or tugging at those little hairs near my ears!) and they do not cause headaches.  In fact, I hardly notice that I am wearing one at all and often have to 'touch' my head to be sure that I have one on before I head out for a WOD or run.  Awesomeness!
Since that first day, I have used the black band for just about every WOD and run.  It has even survived a Tough Mudder event with me!  For real!  Check it out!  It is still on my head (and, in the spot I put it!) at the end of Tough Mudder: Austin!
Since the Tough Mudder event, I have added more Sparkly Soul headbands to my collection, I have gifted Sparkly Soul headbands to my friends and I have even convinced by best (running) pals to spend a small fortune on them!  Our little running group has purchased several of these headbands for various events; every single one of my friends have since added to their collection once they found that these headbands seriously stay put!
This post is my own doing.  I have not been asked to review Sparkly Soul nor have I received compensation in any form for same.  I purchased my first headbands for my own curiosity and found that I loved them.  I subsequently purchased more headbands as I became more adventurous with my active wardrobe and began wearing more than black and/or dark grey.  And, I am the type of person that wants to share whatever awesome thing I have found; therefore, I purchased bands for friends and convinced them to spend even more money for themselves.  :)  And, I want you to know just how awesome I thought they were, too!

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