Friday, November 30, 2012

#34 in pictures!

Seriously, I think #34 has been my favorite (adult) birthday yet!
Tuesday was my birthday and I had no plans except to see how the day went.
My daughters and I started the day meeting up with one of my best pals and her daughter for breakfast.  Donuts!
I received flowers from my inlaws.
I had lunch with my workmates.  We went to a favorite, local establishment (Hi-Ho Restaurant) and our waiter learned it was my birthday.  (After forgetting my tea,) He brought me a pastry treat complete with foil rose and snipped-straw candle!
I made it to the gym!

And, then I replenished the calories worked off.  :)  We had dinner at another local favorite (Water Street) and I indulged in their bread and garlic butter!  Oh, so good!
It was a good, good day!

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