Thursday, September 13, 2012

to WLC or not to WLC

I've been giving it some thought.  I've been in a funk and looking for something to focus on.  I think I've found it.  Because I am somewhat afraid of it, I believe even more so I should give it a go.

What is it?  It's the Whole Life Challenge.  The more I click this link and read through the 'whys' the more and more I can relate and nod my head yes.  To almost every point made.

I haven't PR'd quite awhile.  In fact, I've set new lows by not giving it good effort.
I've been giving less than half.
I've let Coca-Cola make its way back into my mornings.  With its pal doughnut.
I wish I was just pinching an inch on my waistline!
My girls are back in school.
Summer flew by taking my personal 'get fitter' plans with it.
I am on the verge of throwing something.
I am afraid of competition but I think I can channel this fear to actually do this thing.
Because I can be a better version of myself.  (And, I need to be.  I have a husband and two girls who deserve it just as much as I do.)
Because I want the structure, encouragement and goal-setting.

Plus, I'll be in some great company!  While my box is not participating, I've been following some amazing ladies' blogs and they have accepted the Challenge.  I first learned of the Challenge from Courtney over at The Petite Athleat and then saw Tiffany chatting about it over on Heavy Medal.  If that wasn't enough, Ashley commented that she, too, would be participating.  These are all great athletes whom I admire via cyberspace; I totally would like to hang out with them if even only through this Challenge!  :)

So, I think I'm in.  As Courtney encouraged me, some people spend $45 (that's the entry fee) on a race all the time.  This is no different.  I'm anticipate to get a lot more out of it than a one time, one hour race!

Take a look at the links.  All three of these ladies I referenced have some great posts about it with lots of information - easy to read, fool-proof lists and 'cheat' sheets can be found on Petite Athleat's page right here.  And, don't hesitate to reach out to them.  I've exchanged messages with a couple of them and they have been more than kind, helpful and informative.  Go say hi!

I know my post is going up kind of late and I'm not really sure how many people are reading; however, I hope I have encouraged someone to participate as well!  Please let me know if you are participating!  I'd love to follow your journey as well.  :)

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