Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I didn't die

I have been struggling in the physical activity department for about a month now. I slipped into some sort of funk where I thought it was a waste of my time and my trainers' time for me to work out or go for a run. I wallowed in the 'I suck so I shouldn't even try' funk for a couple of weeks before I decided to do something about it.

I got back into my routine of going to my box and after two weeks of living through the WODs, I laced up my running shoes. After all, I have my first half marathon in October and I've logged a whopping 5 miles up to this point as official training. Ugh oh.

So, Monday I went out and did 2.36 miles while the girls and the husband chased our dog down the sidewalk. It was pretty entertaining to watch and it definitely was more distracting than my iPod would have been for those 24 minutes. Yep. It took me 24 minutes to get 2.36 miles down. But, considering I hadn't ran more than 600m at any given time in over a month, I was pleased. No walk breaks. And, I didn't die.

I had two decent WODs since that inaugural (get back into it) run so I did something out of my character and comfort zone tonight. I ran home after dinner. We ate out at a restaurant about a mile from our house. When we were leaving, I realized my running shoes and Garmin were in the car. So, before I could think about it much more, I swapped out my gym shoes for my running sneakers, grabbed my Garmin and told the family 'race you home!' and took off. They beat me home but I was cool with it. ;) For 11 minutes, I had time to think about how silly I was (and, hypocritical) to think those 'I suck so I shouldn't even try' thoughts much less act (or, in the case, not act) on them. Here I am telling my girls just the opposite but yet allowing myself to think those things.

So, it took me 11 minutes to run one mile home. But, I didn't care. No walk breaks. And, I didn't die.

PS - my WODs this week have been killer! That one mile home was after a ladder of squat cleans (65 lbs for me) and jump ropes (8 rounds of 60 singles). Tuesday's WOD was a crazy mix of KBS (35 lbs & 44 lbs), box jumps, sit ups and a one mile (total) run. Monday's WOD was pull ups, push ups and air squats. My legs are toast in that oh so good way! I have been missing out! :)