Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Saltwater Sweeties! A Women's Fishing Tournament

I went FISHING on Saturday.  And, it wasn't just any day of fishing.  It was a TOURNAMENT!  I joined three other ladies to fish a tournament on Saturday.  I was not sure what to expect as I have never gone out on the bay before.

I live on the water in Texas.  Seriously, I am blocks from saltwater at just about any moment in any regular day.  I live blocks from the water.  I work blocks from the water.  I drive 8 miles over the water - twice a day.  However, I don't go out in the water.  It's sticky, salty and the beaches here are Gulf Coast beaches and bay beaches.  They aren't the beaches of Florida or California where the sands are nice and the waters blue.  BUT, I love where I live.  The views are beautiful.  I will have to post some pics for you guys.  I am working on getting more on the water!

I digressed.

I went FISHING on Saturday.  In a TOURNAMENT.  And, we won $420!  I have never gone fishing - like this - before and was super nervouse and excited.  I was up before my 4:15 AM alarm and out the door before my husband's 5 AM alarm.  I grabbed my BFF, breakfast and met up with the other two ladies (our friend Vanessa and her friend that we had never met before) and our guide (Vanessa's father in law, how awesome is that!).  I don't know who was more excited - me or my husband who is an avid outdoorsman.  He was hoping that I would get 'hooked' and want to go out more and more and more.  He fishes.  Frequently.  I don't.  So, he was hoping that I would come back ready to buy our own boat!  HA, HA

I don't know that we need a boat just yet.  I think our aluminum john boat is just fine.  For now.  ;)  I have to admit, I had a blast.  I only caught 3 of the 19 trout in our boat that day.  BUT, I caught three of the biggest including the biggest.  My first catch was 21", my second was 22.50" and my third catch was 20".  Not bad for a newbie!

21" speckled trout
My first catch!  Didn't take pics of them all; they just made me take this one since it was my first catch - ever - and I had never, ever held a fish before -- much less a live, just caught fish!  Pud was coaching me through holding the trout and not letting it flop back into the water.  EEK!

22.5" speckled trout
My third catch.  Photo taken once we arrived home and unloaded the boat.  It was the biggest catch of the day for our boat.  I am making that face due to the fact that it's cold, slimy and gross.  Only the second time to hold a fish.  I am slowly coming around.  LOL!

Our group!  With Pud, our guide and family friend.  We had 19 trout on the stringer!  Such a fun, fun day.  From left to right, we are Michelle, Ashley (my BFF & BRF), Vanessa (friend & the one responsible for setting us all up) and me.

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