Tuesday, July 17, 2012

On the Water - Again!

Another first! This time, not just for me. This was one thing that the hubs hadn't even done before. And, we all had a blast.

What was it?! KAYAKING!

We borrowed a kayak from my boss a few weeks ago; however, the winds weren't down enough on the days we had the time to take it out. Today, after work and a WOD, we decided to give it a go.

So glad we did! We only spent an hour out with it and found that it was both easier and harder than we thought it would be. Easier to maneuver (and, avoid flipping out of!) than I thought; and, it was harder in the sense that it was a great upper body workout and one I wasn't really looking for after burpees, kettle bell swings and squat clean to split jerks today.

We seriously live within a mile of this awesomeness. The more active I get, the more things I find I am willing to give a try; the more things I give a try, the more things I come to appreciate! Crazy what getting active can lead to, right?! Confidence = courage Believe it or not, this took a lot for me to try. Almost as much as holding the fish did! LOL

Here are a few pics. The girls got brave and went out alone - with Daddy within reach so that they couldn't drift too far off.

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