Friday, June 1, 2012

Track Stars!

The girls started summer track this past Tuesday; today was the first track meet of the summer (summer track is only the month of June). They practice every morning for an hour with attention given to warming up, practice, cooling down and stretching; meets are held on Fridays. Today we had home field advantage as the first summer track meet was hosted by our ISD.

Big Little ran the 1500m and 800m while Little Little ran the 50m and 100m dashes. Both placed in both of their races.

Big Little was pleased as she has improved her 1500m time since last summer and didn't have to walk one step of the 800m. These distances are harder for her to pace herself; she's used to the more leisurely pace kept at run club since they run longer distances than the track meet 'sprints'. She was excited to figure some things out!

Little Little was annoyed after the 50m; they grouped Primary Boys with the Primary Girls. This led to a third place ribbon. She gave it her best, kept up with a couple of speedsters and nearly got second but didn't quite pass Boy #2 there at the end. Oh, well. Life lesson. :)

Next time, I hope to capture some action shots!

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  1. So cool! I wish they had had this when I was in school! Good job girls! :)). Rebecca