Wednesday, May 23, 2012

CASA Superhero 5K & Kids' Run

Earlier this month, our kiddos participated in the CASA Superhero Kids' Run while MD (the husband) and my oldest daughter ran the 5K.  It was his second race and her 6th or 7th 5K to run.  When I say kiddos, I am referring to two sets of kiddos.  Our two daughters and the daughter and son of my best running buddy (BRB) who is also one of my best friends (BF) who happens to also be our family's best family friends (BFF); our two families spend a ton of time together at the soccer fields, softball fields, running events, school events and just in general.

At registration that morning, I was pleasantly surprised to find books for the kiddos in the goodie bags!  And, they were good books, too.  Like Scholastic books, full-size and of interest to the kids.  :)  Each bag had a different book so we came home with four new books for our mini-library.  Super cool!

This is not my picture; however, we did get this book.
I'll try to edit this a bit later to put a snap shot of the books we got.  They really were good ones!

Not only did our two families participate but a couple of ladies from our running group (GP Ms. Fits!) came with their kiddos, as well.  It was a great morning - nice temps and breeze, somewhat overcast and just enough of a crowd to call it a party without being overwhelmed or worrying about losing sight of the little littles.  Plus, they were serving made fresh pizza!  You didn't even have to run to get any.  Even better!  A (the BRB/BF/BFF) and I were on littles duty and not running since the dads were doing the 5K.  We carbed up anyway.  ;)

Why the race?  Well, they had a Kids 1K which was perfect for the little littles (big little was going to run the 5K with the dads).  And, it had a cool theme that all of the kiddos were excited to dress up for.  And, CASA is a great organization.  Here's a brief description of their race purpose:
Speak Up for Kids will raise funds and friends for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate™) volunteers who speak up for abused and neglected children. This spring, 5K events will be hosted by local CASA programs in San Antonio, Lubbock, Corpus Christi and Marble Falls. The CASA 5K Series is presented by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas and Texas CASA. (source)

Want to see some pics?  Of course you do!

Big Little (my third grader) and Little (my kindergartner) in the back;
the BRB's little little (he's three) and little (she's in kinder with my Little) in the front.

Our running group's kiddos!  Superhero Kids' K Runners!
D is raising his hand because I asked the kiddos 'who's going to run super fast?!'
He was the only one to humor me; the others just posed with their smiles.

The littlest little running in!
He is still talking about being super fast!

Little and her friend G; my R was trying to convince G of something!
We still don't know what this seemingly serious convo was about.  :)

Waiting for the 5K to start.
Big Little (aka M) in the pink with Dad (MD) in white and our good family friend J in the black; they're in the middle of this pic,  I need to work on my start line shots!

Big Little running in!  Wait.  Where's Dad?  Aren't you supposed to be running with Dad?
She beat Dad by about 5 minutes.  I missed his 'coming in' shot as I was chasing littles.

 Dad with his littles after the race.  They had a blast!

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