Monday, April 30, 2012

No Longer the Spectator...

Before early last year, I wasn't physically active much less a runner.  I was a mom who watched her daughters play, never really joining in on the fun.  I was a spectator.  Until this moment, or rather, series of moments.

Go, ahead.  Check it out!  It will give you a little insight on this newbie runner and how running (getting active, in general!) came to be for me.  It wasn't easy; it has gotten easier but it's still not easy. I have to work at it.  But, anything worth doing takes work.  Or, so they say.  I think I have to agree.  It's totally worth the work to hang out with my girls in this more active way!  And, we're not just running.  We're playing tag, riding bikes, going to the gym...we're having fun, active fun, as a family.  It is so worth getting off of the couch for!


Extremely excited, ecstatic, stoked, pumped, amped, hyped, wired
One who runs; jogger, messenger, ambassador

Why RevvedRunner?  Because I have often been asked if I am 'always this revved', 'this amped' or 'this wired'.    I took a poll of those who spend time with me.  Apparently, yes.  Yes, I have.  I get excited about little and big things.  I am often pretty revved - without the use of caffeine.

And, although I have recently become a runner (jogger), I feel that I have always been a messenger.  I have a relationship with Jesus.  This would be my most important message.  I am also a wife, mother, sister and friend.  These roles allow me to be a messenger about so many other things.  Stay tuned to see just what they are!